Depending on your industry, you might need an authorised person to undergo your work legally. Consultation and arrangements for high-risk activities often require an authorised person. This could include working on Petroleum Installations, in confined spaces or at height. Here at Morsafe, we offer a range of different authorised person training course options so they can meet your every need. After completing one of our training courses, you can become an authorised person and so can work on relevant projects safely. We also offer refresher training courses so that you and your team can keep your training up to date.

Authorised Person Training Course (Petroleum)

This four-day course is designed for those who are being appointed as the authorised person on petroleum installations. Because they are responsible for ensuring a safe system of work is managed, implemented and controlled, appropriate training is vital. This training course meets all the primary requirements of MoD JSP 375, Chapter 5 – Petroleum Installations. Trainees will learn about regulations, roles, duties, hazards and risks so that they are ready to act as an authorised person.

Authorised Person Training Course (Confined Spaces)

Anyone who is overseeing work in confined spaces should undergo appropriate training so they can keep teams safe. This course covers health and safety regulations, hazards, emergency arrangements and much more. Because working in confined spaces is dangerous, an authorised person must be on hand to ensure a safe system of work is in place. This course meets the main requirements of MoD JSP 375, Chapter 6 – Confined Spaces.

Authorised Person Training Course (Working At Height)

Working at height is dangerous, and workers must identify the many risks and hazards involved. An authorised person is needed to ensure safe systems of work is implemented, controlled and managed. This course takes four days to complete and provides trainees with everything they need to know to become an authorised person.

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