Morsafe Limited have devised a number of Confined Space training courses ranging from simple awareness training to more complicated rescue and management of confined space operations. The courses follow industry standards which are constantly reviewed to ensure relevance and compliance with current legislation and standards.

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 (ACOP L101) states that you must “take all reasonably practicable steps to engage competent contractors and ensure there is a clear understanding of who has responsibility for doing what. In this way, those in control can be clear about what they can reasonably do to ensure that those undertaking the work in the confined space comply with these and other relevant regulations”.

It also “requires that no one should enter or work in a confined space unless there are emergency arrangements in place that are appropriate for the level of risk involved in the task/space…….which should NOT rely on the public emergency services”.

Open courses are available or clients can opt to have the course(s) delivered on site, providing suitable facilities are made available, offering a more cost effective and less disruptive training solution.


Delegate Fitness & Clothing


For delegates attending practical courses, it is important they are free of any medical condition that might adversely affect their performance or the safety of others as training may be energetic and mentally taxing for some people.  Employers are to ensure delegates are fit and able to carry out confined space practical entry operations and confirmation of fitness will be verified prior to any practical training being delivered.

Delegates are requested to bring suitable clothing and footwear for the practical exercises allowing for current weather conditions.  Morsafe will provide all necessary equipment for the practical elements of the training.



Confined Space Training Courses