Other Services

Authorising Engineer Services

Morsafe can assist if you require the services of an Authorising Engineer to set policy and procedures, provide an auditing function for an existing safe system or we can develop a safe system for your company to suit your requirements.

On Site Training

All full suite of training courses are available for delivery on site providing suitable facilities can be made available.  This makes for a more cost effective and less disruptive training solution depending on the number of delegates to be trained.

Rescue Provision

Morsafe can effectively  Confined Space or Working at Height Rescue Provision as a package to include competent operatives, registered and inspected equipment and safety documentation. This negates the need for expensive training and maintenance or hiring of specialist equipment for what is usually a one-off or infrequent task.

Site Registers

 Morsafe offers a site survey service to ascertain by assessment what risk areas you may have on site and record them in a register so that the correct level of controls can be applied when accessing them.

Authorising Engineer Consultancy

Authorising Engineer Services can be provided by our small team of competent engineers.

On-site Training

More companies are realising the value of on-site training being a more cost effective and less disruptive option.

Rescue Provision

Maintaining a fully trained and equipped rescue team is not always cost effective or practical.  We can assist in providing a confined space or height safety rescue team.